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Is Your Phone Blacklisted? How To Check & Why It Might Be

What is a blacklisted phone?

Phones can be blacklisted when they are reported stolen, lost or replaced through an insurance provider. When a phone is blacklisted it is prevented from working on any mobile network within New Zealand, regardless if a different network or sim card is installed.

How can I check if my phone is blacklisted?

You can easily check if your device has been blacklisted through the New Zealand Telecommunications Forum’s website. You’ll need your device’s IMEI number to search, which can often be found within your device setting’s “About” section, on its sim tray or on the back of the phone itself. It’s important to remember that this search only shows devices registered in New Zealand and it may take several days for a blacklisted device’s status to be changed in the database.

Can my device be un-blacklisted?

Depending on why or when the device was blacklisted you may be able to get it removed. You will need to get in touch with your network provider (eg. Spark, 2Degrees) to find out if this is possible with your phone.

My device is not blacklisted but still won’t connect to cellular service

In some cases, network providers may ban an IMEI from working on its network, often in the case of unpaid bills. For example, Spark may ban any Spark sim card from working with your device’s IMEI, but a 2Degrees sim card may function perfectly. If you suspect this is the case or want to make sure, we recommend contacting the network provider that may have locked it to confirm.

If you have checked your device on the national blacklist database and it is showing not blacklisted but you are still unable to connect to cellular service we first recommend trying another known working sim card in the phone. If it then works, you will need to look at replacing your sim card. Should that still not connect with the known good sim card there could be several faults preventing you from getting cellular services such as a faulty antenna, faulty sim card reader or a faulty baseband chip on the logic board. Phone Repair NZ’s expert team of technicians can assess your phone to see which of these are at fault. Most assessments are completed on the same day, with a large range of parts stocked on hand so we can get your phone working faster. Find out more about our diagnostic assessment service or get in touch to get your phone looked at today.

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