Charge Port Cleaning

Phone Repair NZ offer free mobile phone and tablet charging port cleaning service. Removing lint, dirt and dust out of your blocked port to restore full charging function back to your device.

Charge Port Cleaning

Service Offering

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Samsung
  • Samsung Tab
  • Huawei
  • Oppo

Common Symptoms

  • Blocked charge port
  • Intermittent charging
  • Wiggle cable to get charging
  • Small bump stop charging
  • Wireless charging works but cable does not

What is Charge Port Cleaning?

We have the tools to gently and effectually clean out your blocked charging port. Our tools include lightly compressed air and hand-tools to remove built up lint and dirt that collects and results in charging port blockages.

If your phone is showing a “Moisture Detected” message this if often caused by a damaged or faulty sensor. In this situation the charge port will need to be replaced. Learn about charge port replacement.

If your charging port has been water damaged and is showing signs of corrosion (white/green crust) then the port will need to be replaced, we would also suggest a full water damage assessment to check for other damage or corrosion.

Charge Port Cleaning FAQ

How much will cleaning my port cost?

Nothing, we offer this service free of charge.

Can my charging issue be something else?

In some cases charging issues can be the port itself or other parts of the phone, however cleaning out the port and test is the best first step to rule out a blockage.

Can I clean out my jammed port myself?

There are some products out there to clean your charging port yourself, however it is always best to get a professional due to the small and fragile parts inside some types of charging ports.

Can I use a cotton swab?

We advise against using a cotton swap as they are often larger then the charging port and USB-C and Micro USB charing ports have delicate internal parts which will break easily and would need to be replaced if damaged.

Repair FAQ

Do I need to make an appointment?

There is no need to make a booking. Just pop in during out open hours and allow 2 hours for your repair. You can wait in-store, visit one our the many local cafes in New Brighton or pop back once its ready to collect. Check out our opening hours.

Can I pay with Buy Now, Pay Later like Afterpay?

Yes, we are happy to offer Afterpay and Laybuy – In-store only

Do you accept EFTPOS?

Yes, we accept EFTPOS and Credit Cards. Please note credit cards incur a surcharge.

Does my repair come with a warranty?

We offer a hassle-free 90-day warranty on all parts. Let us know if you are experiencing any issues, and we’ll be happy to help out.

Will my broken parts be recycled?

Mobile phone parts can contain harmful and dangerous materials as well as many reusable materials such as metals and glass. We use local recyclers to ensure materials from phone batteries, mobile screens and electronic devices are repurposed and hazardous materials disposed of properly.

Why Choose Phone Repair NZ?

We know how frustrating it can be when you’re phone just won’t work. We can quickly get it repaired so you can get back to life.

We stock a wide range of iPhone, iPad and Samsung parts in-store. Other models and brands can easily and quickly be ordering in as special order parts. Just contact us if you have any questions.

We know how difficult it can be to go without a phone whilst under repair. That’s why we can offer a loan phone on request for free (bond required).


Speedy Repair

Most repairs completed in under 2 hours. We know you need your phone back fast and that’s why we get it repaired quick so you can get back to gaming … working … chatting … posting and more


Quality Parts

We know some places use inferior parts in their repairs. We’re proud to source high-quality parts from our network of reliable vendors. So much that we back all our repairs with a 6-Month defect warranty.


Affordable Pricing

Repairing your phone shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! Our partnership with vendors and our commitment to our supply chain allows us to bring you affordable and economical repairs.


Loan Phones


Friendly Team


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Phone Repair NZ offers repair services for popular phone and tablet brands such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, and others. Our services include screen and battery replacement, water damage, diagnostic assessment, and power issues. We provide in-person and mail-in repair options.


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