Data Export & Recovery

We offer a comprehensive range of data export, transfer and recovery options. Wither it be transferring
data from your old phone to a new one, or recovering data from a liquid damaged phone.

Professional Data Export & Backup

iPhone, iPad & iPod Data Export and Backup Service Fee


We Can Export Your . . .






Message History



noun_App Store_32360



Safari History




And Other Data


All In A Friendly, Usable Format

We can provide you with your files in a viewable format such as JPEG for images, PDF and CSV for messages and call history and MP3 for music. We provide this on a 32GB flash drive included in the data export price. – Please note any data beyond 32GB will incur an extra charge.

Don't Forgot Android

We can export data from Samsung, Huawei and more

Our team can export your data from most Android phones. Including:

  • SMS
  • Contacts
  • Photos
  • Music
  • Videos

Contact us or pop in-store to find out more.


iPhone Data Transfer

Looking to transfer your data to a new iPhone?


We can restore your old device back to factory settings for an extra $25 (normally $35)

Samsung Data Transfer

Looking to transfer your data to a new Samsung?


We can restore your old device back to factory settings for an extra $25 (normally $35)

Fast efficient friendly service will be bringing our phones here again thank you – Erica

An absolutely amazing repair done, in the same afternoon. Excellent repair and service, highly recommend IPhone Repair!!! Thank you so much! – Suzy


Expert Data Recovery

Phone Taken A Swim? - No Backups Saved?

Liquid damaged phone? Often this will cause extensive damage to the device rending it beyond repair. If the data on the device is not backed up, important and you need to get a copy we can provide assistance. Please bring you device in as we mange this service on a case by case basis. We can also provide an insurance report for your insurance company.


Device Restore - iTunes Error

Issue with restore? We can help with that

Wether you’re looking to restore an old phone so it’s ready to sell or experiencing issues with your operating system we can help you with restoring your device. Additionally if you encounter an error, including the dreaded iTunes error codes we can provide assistance and in many cases get the device restored.

Common iTunes Error Codes include:

  • Error 1
  • Error 9
  • Error 10
  • Error 13
  • Error 14
  • Error 50
  • Error 1345
  • Error 3194
  • Error 4016

iPhone/iPad Restore^

Why Phone Repair NZ


Speedy Repair

Most repairs completed in under 2 hours. We know you need your phone back fast and that’s why we get it repaired quick so you can get back to gaming … working … chatting … posting and more


Quality Parts

We know some places use cheap and inferior parts in their repairs. We’re proud to source high-quality parts from our network of reliable vendors. So much that we back all our screen repairs with a 6-Month defect warranty.

affordable repair

Affordable Pricing

Repairing your phone shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg! Our partnership with vendors and our commitment to our supply chain allows us to bring you affordable and economical repairs.

Loan Phones

Loan Phones

Friendly Team

Friendly Team

privacy focused

Privacy Focused

Payment Plans

Payment Plans

Get Started With Your Repair

Appointments not required!

Phone Repair NZ offers a comprehensive range of repairs for the most popular phone & tablet brands such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and more. We fix issues ranging from screen and battery replacement through to water damage, diagnostic assessment and no power problems. We are proud to offer both in-store and mail-in repair options.

Due to limitation in the operating system and security settings we are unable to export, transfer or backup the following data:

  • Touch ID, Face ID, Passcodes or passwords
  • Content synced from iTunes.
  • Data stored in other cloud services.
  • Apple Pay settings.
  • Apple Watch connections

Applications with login will require you to login again on any new device.
Data from/within 3rd party apps may not be transferable or recoverable.

A phone will need to power on and the display be capable of interaction or otherwise be repaired to the point the phone can power on and the display can be interacted with for any data services.

Phone Repair NZ cannot guarantee that 100% of your data will be exported, backed up, transfer or otherwise recovered.

Pricing may change if additional parts, repairs or services are required to get the device into a state where the data can be recovered and/or exported.

^ The listed restore price does not include any repairs or additional services that might be required to get the device into a state where it can be restored. If the error is or the device is unable to be restored due to a hardware fault with the device any costs to repair that is not included within the restore price.