The Strengths and Limitations of Water-Resistant Phones

Water-Resistant Phones

In the ever-changing world of technology, there’s a relentless push to integrate new features that enhance the user experience and durability of devices. A significant breakthrough that has shaped the smartphone industry in recent years is the concept of water-resistant phones.

What is meant by “water-resistant” when it comes to my phone?

Water-resistant phones are designed to withstand inadvertent water exposure, thereby adding an extra layer of protection for users.

However, it’s crucial to understand that water resistance does not imply waterproofing. In essence, water resistance in a device means it’s designed to resist the entry of water to a certain degree, but it’s not entirely immune to it. 

What is the reality of water-resistant phones?

Manufacturers often assign their device ratings based on the level of water resistance they offer. These ratings, however, are derived under laboratory conditions, and real-world experiences can vary significantly.

Water resistance in phones is also not a permanent attribute; it tends to degrade over time due to the natural wear and tear of components. Seals that prevent the ingress of water lose their effectiveness over time, and even seemingly minor damages can compromise the water resistance of a phone. 

For instance, a four-year-old water-resistant phone might not offer the same level of protection as it did when fresh off the production line. Similarly, phones that have undergone repairs or have experienced physical damage, like a cracked screen or back glass, may also lose their water resistance.

So, can I get my phone wet or not?

Although water-resistant phones provide an additional layer of protection, it’s not professionally advised to intentionally expose these devices to water or other potentially damaging substances. 

Even with high-rated water resistance, there’s always a risk of water entering and causing damage to the device. Exposure to dust, sand, or other small particles can harm the protective seals that ensure water resistance, further increasing the risk of water damage.

The best course of action is to play it safe

While the advent of water-resistant phones is undeniably a significant leap forward in smartphone technology, these devices are not invincible. They need to be handled with care and kept away from unnecessary exposure to water and dust.

If your device does encounter water damage, professional assessment and repair are critical to prevent further damage and restore its functionality.

Water-Resistant Phones

Did you learn the hard way that water-resistant phones aren’t waterproof?

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