The Importance of Recycling Your Mobile Phone


Recycle Your Mobile Phone

Whether it’s your recently expired smartphone or a stack of old mobile phones from the 90s collecting dust in your drawer, these devices have more value than you might think. Much like paper, plastic, and aluminium, it’s important to recycle your mobile phone. Read on to find out the wealth of reasons you need to know about recycling your old phone, and where you can do it.

Environmental protection

The foremost reason to recycle your mobile phone is to safeguard our environment. Phones disposed of improperly can leach harmful substances into land and water, disrupting ecosystems and contributing to hazardous material build-up. By choosing to recycle your mobile phone, you take a step towards preserving our environment.

Safe disposal of batteries

Mobile phones contain lithium-ion batteries, which can cause fires when improperly discarded. Recycling your mobile phone ensures these batteries are safely disposed of, preventing potential hazards.

Longevity of phones

If your phone is still functional and in good condition, recycling can extend its lifespan. Refurbished phones can be resold, reducing the demand for new handsets and lessening the environmental impact of their production.

Fostering a circular economy

Believe it or not, your old phone is a treasure trove of valuable resources like silver and gold. Recycling your mobile phone allows these precious metals to be extracted and reused, fostering a circular economy and reducing mining operations.

Safety for all

Remember, local council recycling bins are not designed for electronic waste and disposal of batteries in these bins poses a fire risk to trucks and drivers. In 2021, the Christchurch City Council advised residents to stop disposing of their electronic waste in the yellow bins and instead use drop-off points for proper disposal.

Supporting good causes

Recycling your mobile phone also supports valuable environmental initiatives. Every recycled phone via RE:MOBILE contributes to a donation to a multi-award-winning charity committed to reducing plastic pollution and other litter, Sustainable Coastlines.

Recycle Your Mobile Phone

Go on, recycle your mobile phone today

So, why not recycle your mobile phone? You’ll protect the environment, contribute to a circular economy, and support a worthy cause. Recycle your mobile phone with Phone Repair NZ today by putting it in our RE:MOBILE collection box.

This is our straightforward solution for your end-of-life mobile phones and tablets. Regardless of their condition – working, dead, broken, or damaged – we ensure your mobile phone is recycled correctly, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.

Feel free to reach out with any questions you have about our services. We’d love to hear from you. And, if you’ve enjoyed this deep dive into why you should recycle your mobile phone, be sure to explore our other handy resources on our blog.

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