OLED Screen Burn-In: Everything You Need to Know

OLED Screen Burn-In

OLED screen burn-in is a phenomenon that can affect electronic displays, resulting in permanent discolouration in certain areas. This issue is more common in older Samsung phones and can be particularly problematic. Understanding what it is, how it occurs, and the means to combat it can help in preserving the quality of your device.

What is OLED Screen burn-in?

OLED screen burn-in refers to the permanent discolouration of areas on an OLED display. This happens due to cumulative non-uniform use of the screen. Older screens, particularly in certain Samsung phones, are more susceptible to this problem.

  • Unlike traditional LCD screens, OLED pixels self-illuminate, which means they lose brightness over time
  • Phosphor compounds emit light to produce images but lose their luminance with use, leading to uneven light output and ghost images
  • The prolonged display of non-moving images or repetitive content can lead to this issue

Causes and factors

The main causes of OLED screen burn-in can vary, but they are primarily connected to the way the screen is used.

  • The quality of the phosphors used can affect how quickly burn-in develops
  • Areas of the screen that constantly display certain images are more likely to suffer from burn-in
  • Different screen types like CRT, LCD, Plasma, and OLED are affected differently, with OLED facing challenges due to the self-illuminating nature of the pixels

Modern devices and OLED Screen burn-in

In modern devices, especially smartphones like Samsung’s older models, OLED screen burn-in can be a real concern. Manufacturers have developed techniques to delay or mitigate this problem.

Pixel shifting

This method periodically shifts the contents of the screen by a few pixels to reduce the likelihood of burn-in.

Burn-in reduction apps

In Android phones, certain apps can invert the image of the most likely elements to be burned in, balancing the luminosity and reducing visible artefacts.

Manufacturers’ techniques

Companies like Apple and Samsung have integrated settings to shift pixels or create 3D-like effects to avoid burn-in.


The use of screensavers to move the image around to preserve phosphor luminosity.

OLED Screen Burn-In

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